Tak jo! is a pro-European movement that values the principles of liberal democracy. The goal of Tak jo! is to strengthen the rule of law, develop social responsibility and solidarity, promote the protection of human rights and freedoms, build an active civil society and pursue sustainable development. We are convinced that it is in the national interest of the Czech Republic to be an active member of the European Union and to further develop the transatlantic ties.

The aim of the movement is to enhance participation of citizens in public life so that they are actively involved in shaping their own future and the future of their region, state and of Europe as a whole. We want the Czech Republic to be a modern, self-confident state with a long-term vision, which protects the dignity of its citizens.

Join us! Tak jo?

1. LET’s be active Europeans

We are the European Union. The sovereignty and prosperity of the Czech Republic are derived from a responsible approach to EU membership. We want the Czech Republic to be an active member of the European Union's core, offering long-term solutions. We support the reform of the EU and the vision of an ambitious Europe. Let us defend the interests of the Czech Republic in a common, strong and secure Europe as a respected member of the EU. We want to adopt the euro for both political and economic reasons. If the European Union has shortcomings, we must overcome these shortcomings, not the European Union.

2. We need more democrats

Citizens must be allowed to participate at different levels in decision-making that concerns public affairs in their community, such as the form of public space, local budget or development and protection of the area. Let's start with schools and at local level. Without active citizens, our country cannot flourish.

3. Let’s cooperate and connect

Exclusion generates frustration, and frustration generates conflict. There are and will be rapid, substantial changes in our society. We believe that everyone must be part of the society, feel safe and protected. No one should feel excluded, threatened, or insecure. Therefore, we must connect the elderly with the young, the city with the countryside, and mitigate the effects of economic inequality. Let’s create the conditions for linking the life experiences of seniors and the energy of young people by promoting intergenerational sharing.

4. Let’s give priority to education

Our goal is to open a long-term professional debate on the quality of education leading to the transformation of the education system with the aim of replacing learning by rote with communication and collaboration. We support student mobility within the Czech Republic and Europe at secondary and tertiary educational stages. We want to improve education of teachers, put emphasis on quality school management, enable more effective involvement of parents and students in decision-making processes. And yes, raise the salaries of teachers so that the reward is in line with the effort and responsibility.

5. We urgently need a modern E-government

We want simplicity, speed and transparency in public administration. Let’s introduce electronic and correspondence voting. We promote proactive and personalized public administration. We want to unify registers and set up an electronic ID card for citizens' communication with the state administration. Digital economy is the key to prosperity.

6. Let’s focus on innovation and science

Let‘s support basic research and motivate businesses to support applied research. Let’s set-up a knowledge-based economy with high added value, that will encourage professionals to stay as well as attracting newcomers. Let‘s not only be a subcontractor and assembly superpower, let’s transform the Czech Republic into a technological tiger of Central Europe.

7. Let's spend only what we have

In times of prosperity, we either have to invest in strategic projects or create surplus budgets that we will use in times of recession when we will have to contend with budget deficits. Only this will ensure that the share of sovereign debt stays at a constant level, which is essential for the sustainability of public budgets.

8. We want a fair society and comprehensible law

Let’s make sure that justice is available to everyone without unnecessary delays. Let’s create fewer laws, but of better quality, and always emphasize the superiority of their meaning over the wording of specific paragraphs. The law must be stable, understandable and enforceable. Let’s focus on the fight against clientelism and corruption.

9. Gender equality must be guaranteed 

We stand for complete equality in education, we want to eliminate gender pay gap and pension inequality, and we support flexible forms of work. We demand a more balanced representation of women in politics and senior management.

10. Let’s protect our human rights

Consistent protection of the rights of the individual is a guarantee of preserving the freedom of society as a whole. We insist on the equality of citizens, whatever their ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation.


Let´s help to foster prosperity of countries, from which the people are fleeing, through fair trade agreements and investments in local infrastructure. People arriving in Europe should be properly registered, those at risk should be helped in accessing education and jobs.

12. Let’s take sustainable development as an opportunity

We promote ecological solutions and a way of life that is friendly both to people and to the environment. Let’s protect soil and tackle water scarcity as a major challenge for the future. Let‘s pursue a vision of a permanent circular economy that offers more efficient use of resources, reduces pollution and human negative impact on the environment.


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